Andreas Goritschnig

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Associate citizen

Teacher at Graz University of Technology, Andreas Gortschnig is the associate citizen of (UN)COMMON SPACES Austrian partner La Strada.

The works of Andreas Goritschnig moves between the poles of architecture, society and ecology – his interest in space is a meeting place of social, cultural and ecological processes. After studying architecture at the TU Graz and Linz Art University, he worked as a Research Assistant and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture and Landscape of the Graz University of Technology from 2009 to 2015. 

He led various projects as well, and  had dabbled teaching and practical experience:

2014-15 Co-Autor of‚ BREATHE AUSTRIA‚ Austrian Pavilion EXPO Milano

2015 within team.breathe.austria.

2015 founding Studio AG – designing transfomation – a design.lab focusing on transformation processes, the establishment of new practices and the sustainable and creative use of resources.

Since 2016, he has been teaching at Graz University of Technology, Graz University of Applied Science and University Graz.

2016 founding OPEN.LAB Reininghaus, experimental city-development project.

He currently works on Climate-Culture-Pavilion 2021.

* 1979, lives and works in Graz / Austria.


2018 . OUTSTANDING ARTIST AWARD 2018 – Experimental Tendencies in Architecture by the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (as Member of Breathe Earth Collective)

2016 . AIT Award für Breathe.Austria (as Member of team.breathe.austria)

2015 . Idea Top Award, Green Architecture ( as Member of team.breathe.austria)

2015 . Shenzhen grand design award for young talents (as Member of team.breathe.austria)

2014 . Environmental Award of the City of Graz

2013 . Environmental Award of the City of Graz

2008 . GAD Award (Graz Architecture Diploma Award) Special Price