Associated partner Member of IN SITU since 2019

Bússola works in multidisciplinary domains for the cultural and creative market, with a mission to support the planning, funding and strategy of artistic and cultural projects applied to contemporary times.

Considering all stages in the value chain of artistic creation and programming, Bússola collaborates with private organizations, artists and government entities for the strategic development and design of cultural projects. In close connection with the public space and unconventional presentation contexts, is one of the active agents in the development of outdoor arts and contemporary circus arts in Portugal. Transversely, Bússola develops projects and actions as strategic and programming consulting, planning and development of cultural projects, with special focus on international circuits, stimulating new trends, languages, positioning contexts and research. At the educational and audience development level, encourage new creative challenges capable of stimulating the critical spirit and artistic abilities of new generations.

Currently working in several projects that continue for the sectoral development of outdoor arts and circus in Portugal: co-organizer of LEME – contemporary circus festival, coordinator of Outdoor Arts Portugal platform, coordination of BETA CIRCUS programme, project management of Aldear – community engagement project organized in small villages, project management of Malacate – a cultural cooperation project in between Portugal and Norway, as well working as strategic and cultural programming consultants for several Portuguese organizations, especially with focus on international relations.

Codirectors : Bruno Costa & Daniel Vilar