Member of IN SITU since 2016 and Associate partner since 2020.

Art in relation to urban space: the modern city - Brussels being no exception - mixes and clashes worlds and lifestyles which are so cosmopolitan that it becomes an international scene in itself. At CIFAS, we believe that this scene is auspicious for all the daring, all the questions. Visual artists, performers, dancers, street artists, or even urban planners and activists, meet in this place to question the human, social and dramatic relationships coming out of it, thus shifting our perception.

The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts, CIFAS, provides performing artists and professionals opportunities to develop their practice by meeting and confronting internationally renowned artists and cultural operators.

CIFAS develops a training program in the performing arts aimed at artists – creators and performers - as well as cultural operators. This in-service training program mainly takes the form of workshops, symposiums or seminars led by international artists and operators.

CIFAS also organises SIGNAL, a yearly event to discuss and discover the complex relations between art and public space, and edits an electronic magazine called Klaxon about the relation between living art and the city.

Director: Marine Thévenet
Coordination: Charlotte David
Production: Mathilde Florica