The speakers

© Marion Ribon

The Speakers is a site-responsive installation & construct, designed to inhabit public spaces and give voice to the unspoken, in a local vernacular.

Touring Internationally across Europe and as far as the Colombo Art Biennale of Sri Lanka, it is an ever evolving entity. Each incarnation draws in content from the hypertext of people speaking-out to the world on-line, selected as relevant to each new location and time period. These harvested ‘words’ are then spoken by local voices, which are then cyphered through the installation. In addition we also ask visitors to participate via a question posed in-situ, answered via hand-written tags hung in the space and in-turn spoken into the mix.

– Each manifestation adapts to a specific site, collectively offering a place to gather and to explore new narratives between the meta-threads, and the role of public space for us.