DOM- @ Respiro #4

with 'The City that Walks'

19 june. > 22 june.

Sardegna Teatro

The walking city is a landscape performance, a walking journey of approximately four hours for 18 people at a time.  Some solitary figures, human and non-human, wander around the city, traveling through parallel dimensions. 

Through their journey the landscape opens up and hides from the eyes of the public who follows them at a distance, as if spying on them, poised between identification and detachment.

DOM- invites a group of artists and inhabitants to be protagonists of the Cagliari spin-off and to tell their stories on the streets of the cities in which they live.

On an autumn afternoon with a suspended pace, the pages of a collective novel are scattered across the neighbourhoods, the materiality of the places dissolves the narrative and the figures become the background from which to observe the landscape, while an urban flow of consciousness becomes knotted to public housing projects, canyons and abandoned ring roads.