Nana Francisca Schöttlander @Oerol Festival

14 june.


with ’Tidal meditations’

Going Visiting is an immersive method of exploring geographical areas and understanding what lives there (developed by Nana Francisca Schottländer through her artistic residency). Through the workshop, new ways of encounter, understanding and material development are generated through the aesthetic-sensory mapping of a particular area.

During the workshop, participants work individually and together according to an established structure. This creates performative situations and encounters with the landscape. To participate requires curiosity, physical skills to interact with the landscape and a willingness to step outside the boundaries of yourself and your environment.

Nana Francisca Schottländer is an artist from Denmark who engages in choreography, performance, video and installation art. Her work revolves around the body as a tool for research and creation, often using strategies such as immersion and co-creation to create frameworks for developing embodied knowledge and co-creative encounters and intra-interactions between human and non-human entities and phenomena.