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IN SITU Podcast — Episode 3 — S2



What brings us together?

Inside Sauf le Dimanche and Eléctrico 28 Exploratory Residency


Watch and read about a longer, deeper type of residency

In the fall of 2022, the artists Eléctrico 28 and Sauf le Dimanche gathered in Tàrrega, Spain  for an exploratory residency hosted by IN SITU's Partner FiraTàrrega. Responding to the associate artists' need to work more  process-based, to focus on research and exchange, their research laboratory is a telling example of a growing trend within the network.

Kaleider's Tour Diary 2022


Seth Honnor

Seth Honnor, artistic director of Kaleider (UK) and associate artist of Freedom Festival under the (UN)COMMON SPACES project, shares with us part of his European tour through the IN SITU network. With various projects in diffusion ('PIG', 'Robot Selfie', 'The Money', 'The Time it Takes','Fish Mobile'), production and research ('Arch') Seth Honnor offers us an intimate behind the scenes glimpse of an IN SITU artist.

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 2 — S1



from inherited to participatory

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Regeneration of places

Conversations on art and public space from the voices that do it

A glimpse of the 2018 Hot House in Terschelling

Regeneration of places

Nan van Houte

Invited as an external eye of the Hot House 2018 in Terschelling, I wondered how the 17 artists I would meet would define their ‘public space’. What they would offer, how they would address the currently over-asked and over-exposed citizens which form their audiences.

Time is life


Mathieu Braunstein

In one of our previous columns, we discussed the Leviathan monster, without dealing with Thomas Hobbe’s notion of “commonwealth”. The idea of a commons is coming back to the fore. Just what does it mean exactly?

"The sense of belonging in a participative artistic creation"


Hajrulla Ceku

Emerging spaces in Prishtina, Kosovo, hosted by Teatri ODA 5-7 April 2016