Emke Idema

Country : Netherlands

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Associate artist

Emke Idema - Rule, 2017

Emke Idema - Rule, 2017

Emke Idema is an Amsterdam based theatre maker. 

She works on the intersection of gaming, social sciences and visual arts and is a pioneer in the field of interactive theatre. She has made a series of life size board games for grown ups: STRANGER (2012), about hidden prejudices and stereotypes; RULE (2014) about hospitality and democracy; THIS CAN’T HAPPEN (2018) about how our fantasy works and the latest creation FOREST (2020) about the place humans take in the ecosystems they live in. The games can be seen as societal playgrounds in which one can investigate ones’ own personal and political attitudes and actions. As an audience you determine the outcome of the game..

Parallel to the games, Emke started working on a more intimite body of work, of which the project Space of Embrace is a start. In the corona crisis she felt the need to explore a different role as an artist and a different relation with an audience.

Emke studied Dutch language and literature, got her BA in theatre at the theatre school in Maastricht and followed up with a Masters Degree at DasArts in Amsterdam. In 2013 Emke won the Dioraphte Encouragement Award for the concept of RULE and in 2019 the Joop Mulder Plak for the first version of FOREST.