Lieux publics, European and national center for artistic creation in public space

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Partner, founding member of IN SITU in 2003

Since 2001, Pierre Sauvageot has managed Lieux publics, European and national centre for artistic creation in public space, in Marseille. In 2003, Lieux publics founded IN SITU, the European network for artistic creation in public space, which it has since coordinated.

The network was extended by the IN SITU Platform project in November 2014. Lieux publics offers support to artists from all disciplines who seek to make public spaces the location, subject and object of their work. Lieux publics focuses on the fundamental issue of new urban creation, developing complementary initiatives: the European dimension; a national reference centre for creation and research, with artist residencies, commissions, the Remue-méninges workshop, the Carnets de Rue collection and the manager’s creations; and the invention of new public events in Marseille and across Provence, with the urban ritual Sirènes et midi net or even Métamorphoses, a major event of Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture, and European events (such as Travellings, Platform, etc.).

Director: Pierre Sauvageot
IN SITU coordinator & Head of European and international relations: Nadia Aguir